Quick Answer: Are Amazon Purchases Public?

Can you delete Amazon search history?

Look for the “Browsing History” link in the upper-left next to “Departments,” and click it.

From there you can remove individual items by clicking the “Remove item” button under each one.

If you want to remove everything, click the “Manage history” tab to the upper-right, then hit the “Remove all items” button..

How can I see my purchase history?

Go to pay.google.com. Find Other purchase activity. Select View purchases. Select an order to see your receipt….Review order historyOn your mobile device, open the Google Play Store app .Tap Menu. Account.Tap Purchase history.

Who can see my Amazon purchases?

Even if you allow all or some of your Amazon activity to be shared with other people on Amazon, Facebook or Twitter, you should know that Amazon will “never share what you browse or purchase on Amazon.” In other words, browse to your heart’s content, knowing that only you will know what you’re in the market for.

Can Prime household members see order history?

A spokeswoman for Amazon noted that Amazon Household account holders cannot see each other’s purchase history or order information, though there is a “shared digital wallet, which allows for easy purchasing of books, shows and other products.” The program also offers parental controls over Amazon FreeTime, which is a …

How long does Amazon keep your order history?

6 monthsTo view them, you (or someone snooping after you) must go to the dropdown menu at the top of the “Your Orders” page and click on the box with the default setting “past 6 months.” At the bottom of the menu that appears, note the option for “Archived Orders.”

Are Amazon purchases private?

Amazon tracks not only what you have purchased, but also what you have browsed. … Amazon will not completely delete your order history, but you can archive individual orders. Casual snoops will have a harder time seeing what you have purchased. From your account settings, go to Your Orders.

How do I make my Amazon profile public?

Edit Your Privacy SettingsGo to Your Profile.Select Edit your profile.Select Edit privacy settings to make your changes.Select Save.

Can anyone see my Amazon photos?

Can anyone see my Amazon photos? For any photos you upload directly to Amazon Photos, you – by default – are the only one who can see your photos. If your spouse or children log in to your account as well, they would be able to see them too.

By default it will not disclose any personal account information other than your user name. Follow the instructions below to find the link to your Amazon Profile Page: 1) Log in to your Amazon account. … 4) Once in your Profile page, copy the link (url) from your internet browser to share your Amazon Profile page.

How do I find someone’s public wishlist on Amazon?

Your gift recipient will need to have a public Wish List on Amazon, which is the default setting when you create such a list. Simply navigate to Amazon’s Find a Wish List page to search. You can query via e-mail address or name and city or state.

How do I find a friend on Amazon?

The process is sort of the same. Log on to the Amazon App and click the settings icon in the top left corner -> your lists. Scroll down and click on “Find a List or Registry”. You will see an option for your list and your friend’s lists.

How do I see who I follow on Amazon?

You can manage the people you follow on Your Profile. Your follows appear publicly on your public profile unless you hide them using your Profile page settings. Your follows may also appear in other locations, such as on the page of the person you are following.

How can I see my past purchases on Amazon?

View your order history Go ahead and check your full order history. To take a look, log onto the Amazon website (not the app), hover over the Accounts & Lists section, and click Your Orders. The next screen will show you everything you’ve ever purchased from Amazon, in reverse chronological order.

How do I clear my viewing history on Amazon Prime video?

To remove a video, you’ll have to access your “Watch history” list in your Prime Video settings online. Unfortunately, there is no option to remove the entire list, and you’ll have to scroll through and individually remove a show or check the box stating “I prefer not to use this for recommendations.”

How do I buy something for someone’s wishlist on Amazon?

Once you’ve entered someone’s list, you can browse the item details of anything on the list….Purchase from a ListBrowse the registry. … Click Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click. … Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.