Question: Who Is The Largest Employer In Kentucky?

What is the most common job in Kentucky?

Top 100 Jobs Relatively More Common in Kentucky Than ElsewhereRankJobLocal Popularity Index1Farmworkers, farm and ranch animals15.92Statistical assistants11.63Automotive glass installers and repairers7.04Fence erectors5.994 more rows.

What is the biggest cash crop in Kentucky?

Kentucky’s most important agricultural products in terms of cash receipts were poultry (22% of projected 2015 sales), equine (16%), cattle (16%), soybeans (13%) and corn (13%). Other products, including hogs, dairy, tobacco, goats, and horticulture, play smaller roles.

What company has the largest net worth?

With a market capitalization of 1.68 trillion U.S. dollars as of April 2020, Saudi Aramco was the world’s largest company in 2020. Rounding out the top five were some of the world’s most recognizable tech brands: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google’s parent company Alphabet.

What companies are headquartered in Kentucky?

Here’s the Kentucky companies that made the top 1000:52 — Humana Inc. (Louisville)505 —Yum Brands Inc. (Louisville)694 — Ashland Global Holdings (Covington)730 — Brown-Forman Corp. (Louisville)763 — Tempur Sealy International (Lexington)829 — Texas Roadhouse Inc. (Louisville)894 — Valvoline Inc. (Lexington)

What company has the most employees 2020?

Tata MotorsLargest private and semiprivate employers The Tata Group of companies, which collectively employ over 720,000 people, is not listed by Fortune as a single enterprise; the companies are listed individually. Of the group, Tata Motors employs the most people, with 77,990 employees as of 2020.

What is Kentucky known for?

The state is also known for horse racing, bourbon, moonshine, coal, “My Old Kentucky Home” historic state park, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, bluegrass music, college basketball, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the Kentucky colonel.

What’s the most dangerous city in Kentucky?

PaducahPaducah ranks as the most dangerous city in Kentucky thanks to a 4th place finish in violent crime and a 4th place finish in property crime. Those rankings contribute to a 1 in 20.3 of being the victim of a crime in Paducah. Mayfield takes 2nd because of its 6th place finish for violence.

Who is the largest employer in Louisville Ky?

Ford Motor Co.Louisville MSA’s largest manufacturing employer is Ford Motor Co., with 8,300 employees, with two separate manufacturing facilities located in Louisville. The second largest, General Electric Company, with 6,000 employees, also has its plant located in Louisville.

Is Louisville a ghetto?

Louisville is the most ghetto i would say. There is alot of low income based housing in several parts of louisville. Even though I love Louisville with its historical houses and so many things to do and its beauty.

Who is the richest person in Louisville Ky?

Tamara GustavsonAccording to an annual list published by Forbes on Wednesday, Tamara Gustavson is the wealthiest person in the Bluegrass State with a net worth of $5.7 billion.

What is the wealthiest county in Kentucky?

OldhamKentucky Counties by Per Capita IncomeRankCountyMedian family income1Oldham$89,9112Boone$77,4743Woodford$67,0944Fayette$66,69064 more rows

Who is the number 1 employer in the US?

Walmart is by far the largest employer in the United States, employing about 1.5 million Americans. Other companies, however, are beginning to close in on Walmart’s headcount.

Is it cheap to live in Kentucky?

Kentucky has about a 21% cheaper cost of living than any other state. The friendly people and the beautiful countryside make it a desirable place to call home. Each of these towns is recognized for the reasonable housing, pleasant environment and peaceful surroundings.

What products are made in Kentucky?

You drink it, eat it, play it, deal it and post it—and it’s all made right here in Kentucky.Airheads, Erlanger. … Big Red, Louisville. … Ale-8-One, Winchester. … Hot Pockets, Mount Sterling. … Jif Peanut Butter, Lexington. … Dixie, Lexington, Bowling Green. … Gorilla Glass, Harrodsburg. … Uncrustables, Scottsville.More items…•

What are the 10 best companies to work for?

Take a look at the top 10 best companies to work for in the new year, and learn more about the full 100 ranking here.HubSpot.Bain & Company. … DocuSign. … In-N-Out Burger. … Sammons Financial Group. … Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. … Intuitive Surgical. … Ultimate Software. … More items…•

What is the best company in America?

When it comes to the best companies to work for in America, Hilton lands the top spot….Here are the top five companies that made the list:Hilton. Employees who say it’s a great place to work: 96 percent. … Ultimate Software. … Wegmans. … Cisco. … Workday.

Who is the largest employer in the world?

WalmartWalmart: 2.3 million employees The largest private sector employer in the world, Walmart has 2.3 million staff in the US and selected countries worldwide.

What is the biggest industry in Kentucky?

ManufacturingManufacturing is the biggest industry in Kentucky, accounting for a fifth of the state’s GDP. Coal mining is a major source of income in Kentucky, but controversy over coal’s negative environmental impact could change this.