Question: What Does The Pinnacle Of Something Mean?

What is another word for Pinnacle?

Some common synonyms of pinnacle are acme, apex, climax, culmination, peak, and summit..

What does Pinnacle mean in the Bible?

1 : an upright architectural member generally ending in a small spire and used especially in Gothic construction to give weight especially to a buttress. 2 : a structure or formation suggesting a pinnacle specifically : a lofty peak. 3 : the highest point of development or achievement : acme.

What is the Holy City in Matthew 4?

The “holy city” is unquestionably a reference to Jerusalem, as the mention of The Temple makes clear. In Luke’s version of this scene at Luke 4:9 the city is named as such. Both names are used in the retelling of this event in Revelation 21:10.

How is a pinnacle formed?

The Pinnacles Volcanic Formation formed approximately 23 million years ago as it was extruded through many vents and deposited atop the granitic basement, forming a vast volcanic field. The magma that was the source of all the volcanics was rhyolitic in origin.

Who owns Pinnacle?

Penn National GamingIn December 2017, Pinnacle agreed to be acquired by Penn National Gaming for $2.8 billion in cash and stock.

How do you use the word pinnacle in a sentence?

Pinnacle sentence examplesThis was the pinnacle of my happiness, from which I was in a little while dashed to earth. … below the summit of the highest pinnacle and 673 ft. … pinnacle on the western side, contains a low new cone with numerous steaming rifts and vents.More items…

What is a pinnacle used for?

A pinnacle is an architectural ornament originally forming the cap or crown of a buttress or small turret, but afterwards used on parapets at the corners of towers and in many other situations. The pinnacle looks like a small spire. It was mainly used in Gothic architecture.

How do you use the word record?

Record sentence examplesWell, you haven’t broken your record with me. … There’s no record of this. … I was to record his eye and body movements. … It repeats itself because it is the record of the choices of people. … We keep a record of everyone who comes through.More items…

What does trough mean?

1a : a long shallow often V-shaped receptacle for the drinking water or feed of domestic animals. b : any of various domestic or industrial containers. 2a : a conduit, drain, or channel for water especially : a gutter along the eaves of a building.

What is the pinnacle of love?

Consummate Love is considered the Pinnacle of all loving relationships. … Couples can fluctuate between the 7 types of loving relationships over the course of their history.

What part of speech is the word pinnacle?

pinnaclepart of speech:nounrelated words:apogee, meridian, mountain, point, prime, tipWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurepart of speech:transitive verbinflections:pinnacles, pinnacling, pinnacled6 more rows

What is the opposite of waver?

What is the opposite of waver?determineresolvecalmcontinuedive inpersistplunge inremainstaysteady36 more rows

What is the pinnacle of life?

If someone reaches the pinnacle of their career or the pinnacle of a particular area of life, they are at the highest point of it.

What’s the opposite of Pinnacle?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of the highest point of fame or success. nadir. bottom.

What does nadir mean?

1 : the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the zenith and vertically downward from the observer. 2 : the lowest point.

What caused the Pinnacles?

Calcium was one of the main nutrients in the mass flow, and over time caused the accumulation to form calcrete. After the plants perishing, the ongoing weather erosion caused the ground level to lower, with the calcrete formations rising above the ground surface to form the famous Pinnacles.