Question: How Many Days Do You Need In Antelope Canyon?

Is Antelope Canyon worth visiting?

Upper Antelope Canyon is so unique and so incredible that I think it’s possible to look past the crowds and still be able to appreciate the beauty of the place.

However, if you don’t like crowds and aren’t too concerned about seeing those light beams, then I would probably suggest skipping this one..

Why is Antelope Canyon so expensive?

The upper canyon is more popular because it is a flat walk as opposed to ladder stairs in the lower. Another basic reason is supply and demand. The canyons have become so popular that reservations have become a must and mid-day tours when the light is best are even more expensive.

Where should I stay when visiting Antelope Canyon?

Where to stay near Antelope CanyonHyatt Place Page Lake Powell. Among its facilities, you’ll find a gym, swimming pool, restaurant, and comfortable rooms. … Best Western View of Lake Powell Hotel. … Best Western Plus at Lake Powell. … Comfort Inn & Suites.

Can you see Horseshoe Bend without a tour?

No not necessary to take a tour, if you have a car, it is an easy drive from Page, there is a carpark a short drive from the highway, then probably about a 15 minute walk to the actually horseshoe bend. … No, you can see horseshoe bend travelling independently.

What time of day is best for Lower Antelope Canyon?

Midday is the most popular time to visit Antelope Canyon because the lighting is the best at this time. If you don’t mind sacrificing ideal lighting to avoid the worst of the crowds, go early or go late in the afternoon.

Should I do both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon?

If you want to visit both canyons, I recommend visiting Upper Antelope Canyon at 10:30 am (best chance to see those light beams but make sure you book your tickets well in advance!) and Lower Antelope Canyon at 1:30 pm (even with a reservation, you might have to wait 30 minutes or longer to enter Lower Antelope Canyon …

Is Antelope Canyon dangerous?

Antelope Canyon Can be a Dangerous and Deadly Place Eleven tourists and their guide entered the Lower Canyon for a tour through the majestic canyon. … Some of the victims were found drowned inside the canyon and others were washed out into the valley.

How do I plan a trip to Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend: Tips for Planning Your TripChoose Your Season. … Pick From Upper and Lower Antelope. … Book in Advance. … Go Early. … Consider Touring Antelope at Midmorning. … Stay for the Sunsets. … Tour Upper Antelope.

Can you drive yourself to Antelope Canyon?

Upon arrival in Page, AZ, you will be required to take a guided tour to Antelope Canyon. You cannot simply drive up to the canyon’s entrance and walk in at will. Well before making the trip to Page, AZ, you should do some research on which section of Antelope Canyon you wish to tour, and make a reservation.

How far is Sedona to Antelope Canyon?

146 milesThe distance between Sedona and Antelope Canyon is 146 miles.

How long is Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Overview: As you begin your 1 – 1.5-hour adventure (all-walking) with Lower Antelope Canyon Tours, your experience will span roughly 1,800 meters (1.1 miles) round trip.

Which Lower Antelope Canyon tour is the best?

The Best Antelope Canyon ToursAntelope Canyon Navajo Tours.Antelope Canyon Tours.Antelope Slot Canyon Tours.Lower Canyon Tour Options.Ken’s Tours.Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.Getting There.Additional tour options:More items…•

How much does it cost to go to Antelope Canyon?

Adults: $80 per person. Children ages 0-12 are $60. Fee includes tax and Navajo Parks & Recreation permit.

Which is better Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon is more internationally famous and therefore busier. However Upper is better equipped to handle larger crowds than Lower during peak season in mid to late summer. Upper Antelope Canyon is also easier to enter, so tour groups with elderly or physically limited travellers go to Upper.

How difficult is Lower Antelope Canyon?

While it feels much more Mars than middle America, Lower Antelope Canyon is a quick, easy, and unforgettable adventure in Page, Arizona. … While it’s absolutely doable, Lower Antelope Canyon is a tougher trek than its neighbor Upper Antelope Canyon – but the unusual, lesser-known spot is well worth the effort.

How much time do you need at Antelope Canyon?

for the standard visit to Upper Antelope Canyon, 2.5 hrs. for the Antelope Canyon Photo Tour, and 1.5 hrs. for the Lower Antelope Canyon tour.

Can I go to Antelope Canyon without a guide?

Due to its spiritual significance, Antelope Canyon was named a Navajo Tribal Park in 1997. This is why the canyon cannot be entered without tour guides present. Visitors must also obtain a park permit before touring the Canyon.