Question: Do Wooden Windows Need Fensa?

Do I need a Windows certificate to sell my house?

New windows needs building regs consent.

If you go for a non approved fitter, you’ll need to get the local authority’s building control dept round to sign the windows off and provide a certificate.

You will need the cert for selling and remortgaging, it is a hassle if you don’t get the certificate..

Is a Fensa certificate a guarantee?

We make sure the work complies with building regulations, is energy efficient, and registered with the local council. And verify that every FENSA Approved Installer’s guarantee is insured.

Can you buy a Fensa certificate?

FENSA advise that the quickest way you can both apply for, and obtain a replacement or duplicate FENSA certificate for windows and doors installed in your home after July 2002 is via their website. … You can contact FENSA direct on 020 7645 3700.

Do windows have to be fitted by Fensa?

Windows that have been replaced since 1st April 2002 must be supported by a FENSA certificate or a building regs certificate, to show that they legally comply with Building Regulations.

A FENSA certificate is your assurance that the installer who fitted your windows or doors has complied with Building Regulations. It also means that your installation(s) will have been registered with the Local Council. These are legal requirements and proof of them is essential when selling your home.

How long is a Fensa certificate valid for?

The certificate lasts as long as the new doors and windows last. As well as this a FENSA certificate can also serve as evidence of guarantee as FENSA installers provide an up to 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Is there an alternative to Fensa?

Certass however are a not-for-profit scheme and are widely thought to be cheaper than FENSA in the long run.

Do you need building regs for replacement windows?

Replacing windows and doors Since April 2002, all replacement glazing has come within the scope of the Building Regulations. This means anyone who installs replacement windows or doors has to comply with new thermal performance standards. (Just replacing the glass is exempt).

Can I replace a window myself?

Do It Yourself is possible with new window installations but should only be undertaken by people with advanced carpentry skills. Installing multiple windows on multiple floors yourself can be a challenging, drawn-out project. In addition, when done incorrectly, it can negatively impact performance and aesthetics.

How can I check if I have a Fensa certificate?

In case they never issued one or might have gotten lost, a Fensa certificate can be obtained from Fensa’s website at a small cost. You can also check for free from the site whether a house you are buying or selling has a Fensa certificate. You only need to provide the house number and the postcode to run this check.

Can I sell my house without a Fensa certificate?

Yes you can and a seller may have chosen to have done so. As long as the correct building regulations compliance certificate has been issued (and this may cost £80 or so) then there are no problems regarding selling your property in future (as long as you keep the certificate safe(!)).

Does front door need Fensa certificate?

If you replace windows and/or doors of 50% glass or more in the main body of the building they should have a Fensa certificate. To help you work out if your installation requires a certificate see the table below. Windows or doors into a porch where the house and porch are separated by an external door.