How Can I Register My Car For Online PUC?

How can I apply for PUC online?

Home.Register New/Old PUC Centre.Upload Documents.Application Slip.Online Payment.PUC Certificate.PUC Centre List.Application Status.More items….

Is PUC required for BS VI vehicles?

Answer. Form the day vehicles are running on the Indian roads, they require a pollution certificate. There are no changes in the laws and you still require the certificate in order to know the pollution generated by the vehicle.

Can I download PUC in Digilocker?

According to a circular issued by the Road Transport and Highways, documents like Driving License, Insurance, Registration Certificate, and PUC can be presented to the traffic police upon being stopped. On the Digilocker mobile application, you can upload digital copies of these documents.

Is pollution certificate required for bs6?

The government had decided to bring in BS6 emission norms to save the environment which is a welcome move, … … If the BS6 vehicle owner does not have PUC the traffic cops hand over `500 challan to the owner and the consumers are facing trouble and the BS6 vehicle owners should not be made mandatory, said Pande.

Do we need to keep original RC in car?

Vehicle owners do not need to carry physical copies of their driving licences (DL) and registration certificates (RC) since the Union transport ministry, last year, asked states to facilitate acceptance of driving licence and other documents including vehicle registration certificates in electronic format.

Can PUC be done online?

Can we get a PUC Certificate online? You need to take your vehicle to an emission testing centre to manually check the emission levels before a pollution certificate can be issued. However, once it is issued, you can download the PUCC from the Parivahan website.

How can I register on parivahan government?

STEPS SHOWN IN DOCUMENT FOR USER REGISTRATIONStep 1: To avail the Services User has to open the URL: “”. … Step 2: Click on “Register” to complete the registration process.Step 3: Enter the Full name, Email id, Mobile No, State, Captcha and click on the “Register” button.Step 4: On registration, success message will appeared.More items…

What is the validity of PUC certificate?

The PUC certificate must be obtained when a new vehicle is purchased. The validity of this will be 1 year. And on the expiry, you will have to take the vehicle for the test. A new certificate will be issued to you which will be valid for 6 months.

Is PUC mandatory for insurance claim?

IRDAI, the insurance regulator clarified that a motor insurance company cannot deny any claim for not holding a valid PUC or Pollution Under Control certificate. … However, a valid PUC certificate is required as a mandatory document at the time of renewal of the motor vehicle insurance.

What means of PUC?

pre-degree courseThe pre-university course or pre-degree course (PUC or PDC) is an intermediate course (which is known as 10+2) of two years’ duration, conducted by state education institutions or boards in India.

Is photocopy of RC valid?

The government has brought in amendments in the current law to allow people to carry electronic versions of documents like driving licence or registration copy of their vehicle. … However, a normal scanned copy of these documents will not be valid.