Can You Just Show Up At An Open House?

Can I just go to an open house?

Can anyone go to an open house.

The short answer is yes.

You can go solo, with your spouse or even bring the family along.

While you can also bring your own real estate agent, you don’t need to have one with you to attend an open house..

What happens when you go to an open house?

An open house is an event during which potential buyers can tour a home that’s on the market. It’s usually hosted by the seller’s listing agent, or by the seller themselves, in case of a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) listing. Open houses usually take place on weekends, during a set range of hours — typically midday.

How do you announce an open house?

Print out and deliver fliers to the neighbors a few days prior to the open house. Walk the neighborhood to drop off your invitations and mention that the owners are interested in inviting them to the open house. You can also invite members of your sphere through email, phone, social media and automatic dialing.

Should you have snacks for an open house?

Avoid Messy Foods This one may sound obvious, but you should always avoid sticky, crumbly, or gooey snacks at your open house.